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Selecting Perfect Candle Holders

Candles arranged beautifully in a perfect candle holder can enhance the ambience and take the beauty of the interiors to a whole new level. Though candle holders usually come in stylish designs and intricate detailing, which add charm to any decor, their primary purpose is to hold the candles of various types, sizes and shapes. Different types of candles need as many types of holders, not only for the sake of aesthetic appeal, but for convenience and safety. Placement of a Candle Holder Think about where exactly you wish to place the candle holder before buying one. You might want to place it on the dining table or a coffee table. If you have kids at home, then you might prefer wall or ceiling candle holder, which not only look elegant, but can be safely kept out of the reach of children. Type of a Candle Take size, shape and utility of the candles that you wish to use in consideration while choosing a candle holder. If you like votives, then tapering candlesticks won’t be the right choice. You should rather go for a large glass hurricane type of a holder for such bulky ones as they may drip a lot. Besides size and shape, its purpose should also be considered. If you want it for illumination, then clear glass containers should be used to hold it. If you want to use scented candles to fill your living space with a delicate fragrance then it is better to choose the holders which can also act as diffusers. Ceramic and terracotta holders with slits or holes are generally used with scented candles for easy dispersion of fragrance. Proper Fit Choosing a candle stand that can hold a candle of your choice properly is rather important from aesthetic as well as safety point of view. Tea lights might look very tiny in a holder with large base. Tapering candles may tend to wobble and may tip over if not placed in a holder fit for them. Candle Stand to Match with Room Decor Different rooms in your house have different kinds of appeal. If you want to decorate your drawing room with candles then a crystal or a metallic stand may suit its plush d├ęcor. Wooden candelabrums are ideal for a study room or a library if the rooms have wooden book shelves. A ceramic holder with delicate detailing of flowers can lift up your bedroom’s look. Metallic candelabra can make your dining look elegant. Height Matters Height of a candle should be in proper proportion with that of its holder. A candle with a bigger base should be kept in a holder with a larger diameter. Slender candlesticks should never exceed height of the candles that they are holding. Choosing a holder of a correct height is important from safety point of view as well.
Online shops offer access to huge variety of candle holders of different sizes, materials and utilities. You can easily choose and buy a perfect candle holder from innumerable brands available in a wide price range, that too from the ease of your home. Rupa Aggarwal is the famous writer here i am explaining about The candle holders before buying one. You might want to place it on the dining table or a coffee table. Height of a candle should be in proper proportion with that of its holder.Buy Candle Holders Online with a bigger base should be kept in a holder with a larger diameter.

5 Myths About Karma Dismantled

You want to avoid creating negative karma if you’re like us and believe that whatever you intend, say or do comes back to you.
We’re confident that our long-term empirical research with past life regression and interpreting personal fate through comprehensive astrology and numerology, has enlightened us about what we believe to be the law of karma.
Even if you don’t share our theories, you still want to do the right thing in all situations, assuming you have a conscience.
Over the years we’ve read and heard about what we interpret as a lot of myths about karma.
Below we list five politically correct myths about karma.
Myth Number 1: “A person who wants to become famous and wealthy for selfish reasons instead of wanting to inspire and help others heal and share their wealth with those less fortunate is doomed. The karmic consequences of such selfishness is to lose it all and suffer disgrace.”
Does anyone really believe that wanting to be rich and famous just for the sake of being rich and famous will condemn you to poverty and dishonor? It sounds like absolute rubbish to us, embraced by those who have financial hang-ups.
We’ve said it many times: there’s nothing wrong with the desire for financial abundance. It’s perfectly spiritually acceptable. What’s important is what you do with your wealth and how you treat others. There are countless shining examples of wealthy individuals who give a lot of money to charity.
“People acting in their own self-interest is the fuel for all the discovery, innovation, and prosperity that powers the world.” John Stossel
In truth, most, if not all people who achieve their goals of becoming rich and famous acted in their own self-interest; it won’t make you incur negative karma by doing so.
Myth Number 2: “Your free will can change your fate greatly.”
This assertion is in dire need of clarification. Our findings firmly show that your free will can only alter the fate of your future lives, not this life.
Most of your fate in this life--we believe 75% of the core circumstances and events in your life--is unchangeable and you’re powerless to alter it. It may sound depressing, but cheer up, because that 75% includes the rewarding things in life too, and you have free will to make the most of your circumstances through your attitude, grace, unconditional love, and forgiveness.
Myth Number 3: “You decide your fate by your decisions and faith and nothing is set in stone.”
This is another one that needs clearing up. Fate is not like an entree you choose from a menu. Your core life circumstances in this life are due to your actions in prior lives, even if you don’t remember them. Your decisions now won’t change your ultimate fate in this life, but they can shape your future life fate. Also, we believe faith is important, but it won’t alter your personal karma and fate in this life.
It’s always amusing to us when we hear, “nothing is set in stone.” It’s the mantra of those who want an easy out if their predictions don’t manifest, deny that personal adversity exists and, or haven’t done the work necessary to witness the recurring correlation between patterns (in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts) and key circumstances and events in people’s lives.
Myth Number 4: “Ascension is happening on the planet so instant karma is happening, as is co-creation, which allows you to bypass bad karma.”
We believe “ascension” is New Age nonsense and the law of karma isn’t changing at all--the basic tenet remains the same.
What you do today won’t catch up to you any sooner because of a New Age myth called ascension. Karma, both good and bad, always catches up to you, in time.
Also, you’ve always been “co-creating,” from the moment of your first lifetime, eons ago. You create your reality by how you view and deal with your life situations. You can’t erase or bypass negative karma. You must balance it directly.
Myth Number 5: “Most of us are on our last lifetime, so the karma is almost balanced.”
As much as we would like this to be true, nothing in our research points to this notion. The reality is that most people have many more lifetimes to endure.
Life is not easy. But understanding, what we believe to be, the reality of karma will make it much easier to endure.
Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

A Slightly Deeper Look into Reversing Diabetes

In order to begin to discuss the possibility of there being a cure for diabetes or the reversing of diabetes lets firs look at what diabetes is. Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience polyuria (frequent urination), they will become increasingly thirsty (polydipsia) and hungry (polyphagia).
Diabetes, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. In order determine whether the claims made by individuals or organizations who are proponents to the idea of curing diabetes, let us take a quick snapshot of some quick facts. In 2013 it was estimated that over 382 million people throughout the world had diabetes (Williams textbook of endocrinology). Type 1 Diabetes - the body does not produce insulin. Approximately 10% of all diabetes cases are type 1. Type 2 Diabetes - the body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. Approximately 90% of all cases of diabetes worldwide are of this type. Gestational Diabetes - this type affects females during pregnancy. The most common diabetes symptoms include frequent urination, intense thirst and hunger, weight gain, unusual weight loss, fatigue, cuts and bruises that do not heal, male sexual dysfunction, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. If you have Type 1 and follow a healthy eating plan, do adequate exercise, and take insulin, you can lead a normal life. Type 2 patients need to eat healthily, be physically active, and test their blood glucose. They may also need to take oral medication, and/or insulin to control blood glucose levels.
As the risk of cardiovascular disease is much higher for a diabetic, it is crucial that blood pressure and cholesterol levels are monitored regularly. As smoking might have a serious effect on cardiovascular health, diabetics should stop smoking. Hypoglycemia - low blood glucose - can have a bad effect on the patient. Hyperglycemia - when blood glucose is too high - can also have a bad effect on the patient. Ok, so now that we have the basic facts let us look at what the proponents have to say about a potential diabetes cure, reversing diabetes or even the prevention of diabetes. Well, based on all research allowed all web content in general yielded results that all stemmed from either diet for diabetes, 30 day diabetes cure, cure for type 1 diabetes, diet for diabetes, reversing diabetes products…etc. The truth is some of these product manufactures have been known over the years to have been taken advantage of a growing population of desperate people looking for a cure for diabetes or information of the prevention of diabetes. The internet is filled will good and bad information. To solely rely on the information provided there would be an insult to the many individuals who spend countless hours doing actual scientific studies on curing diabetes, or at least taking steps towards finding new diabetes treatments; would be an injustice. That being said, let’s look at what the scholars have to say. Eastern Virginia Medical School (2008) issued the following news release: Results from a recent study show that a new, two-drug combination holds promise for reversing Type 1 diabetes.
Researchers tested the combination of Lisofylline (LSF), a drug that is being developed to halt immune damage to insulin- producing cells, and Islet Neogenesis Associated Protein peptide (INGAP), a drug based on a naturally occurring protein produced by the pancreas. So, considering the above information was published in 2008 and it generally takes new medications approximately Ten years before it goes through the vigorous scrutiny of the FDA approval, what do individuals in the natural remedies sector have to show as evidence that there is a cure for diabetes? According to Dr. Stephen Holt (2007), he is passionate about natural medicine in the promotion of health, well-being, and longevity, but only reliable and peer-reviewed sources of information should be used to purvey dietary supplements. However, my passion is impacted by imbalanced opinions and failure of people to be able to readily distinguish facts from fairy tales, especially when it comes to natural health initiatives. To conclude, evidence shows patients who have a desire to be educated about the disease and that also want to make necessary changes in diet and exercise regime actually live longer, but something tells me there is a disconnect between the people that are responsible for finding the cure and the individuals who want to be cured.
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The Truth About Spiritual Guides

Spiritual guides are helpful entities on the other side. But there are some things you need to know to avoid trouble.
We base our advice on empirical evidence through regular meditation and other spiritual disciplines and practices, like past life regression and spiritual detox, since the late 1980s.
We’re used to skepticism, and we were skeptical about angels and guides in the beginning, so we understand it. We also encourage skepticism because we believe blind acceptance is dangerous. We recommend testing theories, striving to fathom every possible angle, then tossing something out if it proves to be invalid.
Direct, obvious, consistent guidance from the other side is rare for most people. Much more common are subtle energetic messages that come in the form of brief visions, sounds, scents, tastes, or feelings.
However, you need to know that troublemaker entities also abound in unseen dimensions and can affect you here on the physical plane.
Here’s part of the feedback we received on the subject:
“I recently had a psychic tell me that I should have gone ahead and lied on my resume in order to get the job I wanted. I don’t believe in lying or being unethical to get ahead. She made it sound like my guides were the ones who said this and I was very upset about it. I can’t imagine that guides would tell me to lie and that as a result it was my fault that I didn’t get the job. I hope I did the right thing by sticking to my values. But now I’m confused as to who and what my guides are.”
Except in unusual circumstances, we believe your guides would not tell you to lie on your resume. Otherwise, the psychic was giving her opinion, or she was accessing negative energy.
Here are some signs that the “spiritual guide” you access is not for your highest good:
1. The entity suggests you lie, cheat, steal, or hurt someone, which would make you incur karma. 2. The guidance is biased. 3. The advice comes through a ouija board, which is notorious for attracting negative entities who pose as spiritual guides or angels to inexperienced or careless users. 4. You didn’t specify that the insight come from your spiritual guides of the Light. If not, it’s an invitation to dark energy to confuse and mislead. 5. The spiritual guide claims to be someone famous. 6. You’re in constant communication with the entity. In such a case, it’s more likely to be a disembodied soul that has not gone to the Light. In our experience, spiritual guides do not hang out with you full-time; they tend to pop in when you need them. 7. The entity shows up only when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise not centered. In this case, chances are it’s a dark entity or disembodied soul, not for your highest good.
You may have several guides on the other side, some with you for a long time, even since birth. Our past life research indicates you’ve likely known them in past lives or on the other side, and some might be in your life in physical form later.
An aside, you should avoid, at all costs, drawing on demonic or dark entities to help you reach your goals because you will be indentured to them. In other words, don’t sell your soul to demons. We believe it’s a serious threat.
The best way to access guides of the Light on the other side is to practice regular meditation, which allows you to detach from your active mind and become more aware of subtle, helpful signs.
Through regular mediation you can do even better: access your higher-self, or God-self. It is here where all the answers to your questions reside, though sometimes you are not meant to know the answer to a question until later, if at all.
With practice through regular meditation, you’ll have all the help you need from spiritual guides and your higher-self. Just be aware that spiritual troublemakers exist too.
Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

We are One in Christ Spirit

For today may we lay all concerns aside. Too much time is wasted in dream dramas. Spend time and use time for what it is, to experience Christ love and extend it to others. Feel stressed? Go help someone else. To save ourselves we must loose ourselves. Love has no concerns, worries or fears, it simply "IS". God is LOVE!
The Christ is the Presence of God-the incarnation of God-in living men and women.This is The Christ and it is eternal. In the History of all races the Cosmic Christ has incarnated in man--Buddha, Moses, Elijah, and other leaders and teachers, but never to the degree the Christ manifested in Jesus. (By Emmet Fox, Diagrams for living, pg.188-paragraph-3--lines-4-9).
Jesus is the One who bridged the two worlds, and brings us Home, and We are One with Him when we accept truth as it "IS". His love is ours!
Ephesians 3:16-18 16 May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality]. 17 May Christ through your faith [actually] dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in your hearts! May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love, 18 That you may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with all the saints [God’s devoted people, the experience of that love] what is the breadth and length and height and depth [of it];
Love infinitely,Forgive immediately Nanette
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Incense Holder Tiny Necessity

Our daily routines are full of numerous activities that require many commodities. Various tools, and appliances do most of the work for us. Lost in numerous daily chores, we fail to notice the tiniest of things that make our life better. Such things are often underrated and go unnoticed. We realise their importance only when we do not find them in their usual places. Incense holders are one of such things that have tiny size but serve important purposes. Incense sticks, more commonly known as agarbattis in India, are an inseparable part of various religious rituals. They would not be of any use without a stand to hold them in place. Incense holders are essential utilities as they are the only things which could fulfil this purpose. They come in different varieties of materials and patterns.
The burners for agarbattis are usually made up of brass, ceramic, glass or wood. Brass is popularly used for making decorative items due to its attractive gold-like appearance. Some varieties of this alloy are corrosion-resistant, hence more durable in the surroundings where constant oxidation takes place. Both of these properties make it an ideal material to be used for producing incense holders. Ceramic and glass burners are fragile but look extremely charming. Wooden stands have unique kind of elegance to them.
Few of them are made up of pure silver and gold or simply have their plating. Such varieties are perfect for gifting purposes. Metallic ones can be studded with artificial or semi-precious gemstones.
The holders come in countless patterns. Some have shapes of flowers like rose or lotus. Few have intricate carvings, while the others have idols of deities inscribed over them. The feng shui patterned burners come in the shapes of tortoise or laughing buddhas. Some have themes of creatures like elephants and dragons. Few burners are adorned with human figurines or small idols of gods.
Hanging incense burners are the speciality of Tibet. They usually have chains fastened to them and can be hung at the desired place. Some agarbatti holders stands are in the form of a box, generally wooden. They can double-up as storage cases for aromatic sticks. Some are designed in such a way that agarbatti ash can be collected in them. Such burners usually have narrow and broad structures.
Incense holders can have single or multiple holes in which the stick is supposed to be fixed. The aromatic sticks have varying widths. They should be chosen in a way which ensures that they fit properly into the burner’s hole. Moreover, it is necessary to take proper precautions while moving the burner along with burning aromatic sticks from one place to the other. It should never be kept over or near inflammable surfaces such as plastic or paper.
Where there is an incense stick, there has to be an incense holder. These stands are available in innumerable varieties in traditional markets as well as e-shopping websites. You have great freedom to choose from number of options and beautify your place of daily worship or meditation with them.

Trapped in a Relationship? 5 Ways to Cope

Many people feel trapped in a relationship, yet fail to do anything about it.
The reasons for staying stuck are numerous, including assuming it’s better for the children to stay, illness or lack of physical mobility or stamina, financial restrictions, fear of retaliation, fear of being single, fear of losing half of one’s assets, and fear of being part of a “failed” relationship.
Open and honest communication is the most recommended way to deal with feeling trapped in a relationship. But what if you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, or being too candid about how you feel isn’t an option, and you can’t leave yet for whatever reason?
Here are five other ways to help you deal with such a situation:
1) Focus on yourself and your passions instead of the relationship. If you’ve tried repairing your relationship but it hasn’t worked or she’s just not interested, it’s time to do what makes you happy. After you take care of your responsibilities such as work, caring for the children, paying bills and doing household chores, use the rest of your time to do what you want to do. Develop your independence and see yourself as an individual rather than half of a couple.
2) Use Subliminal MP3 audios. This technology can help you with almost any goal, including overcoming the perception of being trapped in a relationship. For example, sometimes just a boost of confidence, sense of humor, or self-love will make it much easier to deal with your situation. If the relationship is salvageable, a subliminal MP3 audio to improve your relationship can make a world of difference.
3) Utilize hypnosis. Many people are scared of hypnosis, thanks to silly hypnosis stage shows and movies. Essentially hypnosis is just a deep state of relaxation. In fact, you’ve been hypnotized many times without even realizing it, like when watching TV or driving a familiar route. Hypnosis can change your perception of your partner and relationship for the better, and even uncover childhood memories that may be interfering with your relationship now. You can see a trained hypnotist, or use one of many hypnosis MP3 audios available for specific relationship and personality issues.
4) Try Past Life Regression. What do past lives have to do with your current relationship? A lot, according to people who have uncovered past life issues that carried over to their current love life. The theory of reincarnation is directly related to the theory of karma, which means many of the pleasant and not so pleasant situations in your life now might be the result of your actions in past lives--not as a punishment, but to learn and grow. Even if you don’t believe in past lives, the process of past life regression can help you by perceiving it as symbolism. With the right past life therapist or MP3 audio, your mind will help you “go back to the cause,” perceive it, accept it, and release it. Past life regression can be an extremely freeing and empowering experience.
5) Free yourself from unseen negative energy with Spiritual Detox. Sometimes relationship problems are the result of negative energy. Once you remove it from your energy field and know how to spiritually protect yourself, you’ll both feel more at peace and loving, and less combative.
As dreadful as feeling trapped in a relationship is, even if you can’t change your partner, you do have the ability to change your perception of the situation and these methods will help.
Copyright © Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

Tips for Buying a Headstone Monument

Buying a memorial headstone for your deceased loved one is daunting. With the variety of designs and styles available, making the perfect choice to represent your loved one can be difficult.

Tips for buying a headstone monument

Cost, quality and craftsmanship are important when buying a headstone. You need to set a budget first, before you began looking.
Granite is a common and affordable choice for a headstone. It is durable, and can be constructed into a variety of sizes and designs. Other popular choices are marble and granite.
View the work of different monument building companies, and observe their craftsmanship. Compare skill and prices, and choose the best among them. You should know the cemetery regulations before making a decision. Go with a reputable company that can meet the standards established by the cemetery.
Once you have chosen a company, discuss what you want on the monument. You can include:
  • Name, birth and death dates of the deceased
  • Phrases you want written on the headstone
  • Symbols and other designs that will accent the design
  • Portrait of the deceased
To view a variety of headstone monument designs in New York, visit Polchinski Memorials’ indoor showroom in Westchester CountyNew YorkCall 914-984-4198 for details.

The Well of Self

We all carry within us a well of Self. We can’t see this well, but we know when the waters are clear and full or when they’re low and flecked with the dark matter of the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. We know when the waters are warm from the time, interest, and compassion we pour into ourselves or cold from being ignored. Like a child, the Self thrives under the sunlight of focused and loving attention, and withdraws when you, as the loving parent, make everything else in your life more important.
When the waters are cold, dark-flecked and low, the sides of the well magnetically attract unwanted thoughts, worry, perfectionism, and self-doubt. A flame of thought darts into the well and, without the waters to absorb it, it clings to the side and burns there. Without a full Self to douse the flame with truth-waters, to turn inside and calmly, reassuringly answer questions that can swarm into a vulnerable mind, the thoughts take hold. The negative fire is fanned by negative attention. Suddenly the question, “What if I’m gay?” or “What if I hurt someone?” explodes into a bonfire of obsession. You’re now even more removed from your well, which craves only one thing: the light of your loving attention.
On the other hand, when the waters are full from knowing yourself and loving yourself you can answer such questions with clarity. The clarity of a full Self douses the thought-flames. The dart cannot ping into the sides of the well because the water is there to absorb it. When the waters of Self are full you don’t need to turn to others for reassurance. You don’t worry about making mistakes. The flow of water inside reflects the river flow of life: you trust yourself like you trust life, and this trust is the North star that allows you to navigate your life and make decisions big and small with confidence.
We’re all born with a full well. It’s our birthright. But early on we’re taught to externalize the well, to hand it over to others. We’re conditioned to believe that someone or something else carries the keys to the faucet that fill the well with lovely, warm water. You learned to abdicate those keys early in life, to hand them to all of the big and small people – parents, teachers, doctors, siblings, peers – who seemed to know what you needed and what you liked. Fed on the cultural value system of competition and comparisons, you learned to climb the desired social ladder – or fall off of it. You later learned to climb the corporate ladder – or fall off it. You learned that it’s climb or be climbed, bully or be bullied. You learned that everything that matters is out there. You learned that everyone else has the keys to your happiness.
Nobody has those keys, except you. You’ve always had it. It’s the keys to your self-trust, your self-love, and your self-knowledge. If you could learn to retrieve those keys, your life would transform. You would learn to listen to the songs that float in your inner waters. You would learn to love your own company. You would learn not to fear making mistakes and to allow the gifts that long to travel into the world to find expression. You would learn what it takes to fill your well of Self.
There are many ways to fill the well, but we cannot know what the well needs until we slow down and turn inward. We cannot listen to the whisperings that emanate up from the depths of the well, from the chortling of the water, when we’re running and ruminating and working and talking and hooked into screens and living our lives from the head up. Everything our culture tells us we need to be happy is wrong: it’s not the city or job or partner or face or body that fills the well. It’s not staying busy and climbing and achieving. We all know that sometimes the people who seem to have it all in the world still live with an empty well in a state of misery and despair.
The well is filled by listening. It’s filled by dropping out of head and into body. It’s filled by becoming an archaeologist of Self where you become fascinated by the maps and pathways that comprise your labyrinth. A good cry fills the well with the purest waters on earth. And when the well is full, the intrusive thoughts are washed away on the river of your tears, absorbed in the shimmering spring filled by your own loving.
Are you ready to begin the journey that will help you take back your keys? Are you ready to learn the tools that will help you break ground and fill the waters? Join me on the next round of Trust Yourself: A 30 day program to help you overcome your fear of failure, caring what others think, perfectionism, difficulty making decisions, and self-doubt. Join me as you learn how to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

A Tribute to Man & Woman: The Odd Forgotten Breed

By Yvonne G
“21.And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam
and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the
flesh instead thereof; 22.And the rib, which the LORD God
had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto
man. 23.And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and
flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she
was taken out of man. 24.Therefore shall a man leave his
father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and
they shall be one flesh.” GENESIS 2:21 – 24 KJV.
The one thing I love about God, our Father, is that His approach to life is direct and simple and He explains it in a way that’s easily understood. The Book of Genesis tells the entire story of the beginning of all God’s creations of life in and surrounding this world in a straightforward manner, and the only way His Words can be misunderstood is when mankind decides to change its meanings, rebel against Him, or ignore His Laws altogether.
In the verses quoted above, Adam was created first and God then removed a rib from him and made a woman (whom Adam later named Eve, Genesis 3:30 KJV). God’s intention from the start was to create man and woman exclusively as a unique team for the purposes of complementing (completing and perfecting) each other and for companionship. This harmonious relationship would also produce offspring to bring the human race into existence. The main goal of the man was to leave his parents and join with the woman (as her husband) and the two would become the very essence of one being.
Well, things certainly have become complicated; so complicated that this one simple plan has been drowned out by all the modern-day thoughts and interpretations concerning man and woman that have developed over the centuries. In fact, marriage has taken such a pounding that its very concept is rarely thought of as the ultimate commitment to be honored till death, and it’s even considered by some to be a completely unnecessary act.
It has been proven that a healthy, monogamous relationship which includes love and respect between a man and woman is the basis for the robust health and wellbeing of both the man, the woman and the families they produce. It energizes the minds, nourishes the souls and feeds the spirits of all participants leading to invigorating lives full of excitement and productive accomplishments. Of course difficulties and problems will be encountered because struggles are a basic part of life intended to promote wisdom and adaptability, but families that stand together can overcome most obstacles and move on to another day.
I feel like an outcast because what I’ve just described is so far removed from the notions that exist today that it almost sounds like a fairy tale. Currently in the United States, approximately 50% of all first-time marriages end in divorce and this rate continues to climb for second and third marriages (see Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Divorce Statistics). The main reasons noted for these depressing statistics are incompatibility (lack of trust and understanding), financial pressures and infidelity. And what about sex, the wonderfully creative consummation God included for the purpose of enriching and fulfilling the relationship between a husband and wife? It’s in the area of sex where immeasurable, perhaps even irreparable damage has been done to the relationship between man and woman. Thus, a closer look at this subject is warranted.
God intended for sex to be engaged in ONLY between a husband and wife. Now I know this is going to stick in the craw of perhaps 95% of the people today as the prevailing belief is this idea is totally obsolete and out of place for our contemporary, high-tech world. Sex is no longer recognized for its original purpose but has instead evolved into a function to be engaged in by anyone, anytime, anywhere, and to be indulged in whatever ways imaginable. Because of this “restructured” view of sex, we know that sexual acts are now performed by children and teenagers, between single adults, adults and children, same-sex couples, prostitutes and johns, within orgies (group sex) adulterous relationships, during husband/wife-swapping parties, pornographic liaisons, etc., etc., etc.
The results of these “chosen modifications” are as follows: within relationships, there’s painful intercourse, premature ejaculation (and inability to ejaculate), increasing lack of desire for customary sex, and a total aversion to sex. In the general population, the introduction of a variety of perversions such as rape, child pornography, sodomy and a proliferation of sexual abuse is now on the scene. And for all involved, there are the deadly sexually transmitted diseases that have ravaged mankind resulting in rampant illnesses, wretched heartache and death. All of this filters through the lives of adults and children destroying self-images and the enormous impact on society has fostered a cycle of unhealthy generations of people. And to think it was originally intended to be like this:
“Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife
even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.”
Ephesians 5:33 KJV
God has blessed us by bestowing upon mankind His omnipotent Spirit but because we have chosen to exclude God and His Laws from our lives, Hisgloriously potent Spirit has been transformed in us into an insatiable appetite seeking fulfillment in whatever way possible by whatever means available. In severing God from our lives and taking advantage of His other gift of freedom of choice, mankind has concluded that the simple plan God has laid out for us isn’t sufficient enough to satisfy our willful behavior and contrary intentions. Therefore, we ignore God and instead continue to operate in rebellion.
Isn’t it odd that we, an intelligent race of gifted people,
should choose to eliminate from our lives the benevolent
laws specifically created for the happiness and wellbeing of man and woman and replace
these laws with conduct that leads to sorrow and death???
Nevertheless, all the aberrant behavior in the world won’t change the Laws of God. God will not be ridiculed and snubbed forever and mankind is foolish to believe that we’re “getting away” with our actions. The one thing we can surely count on is the day WILL arrive when God shall intervene and this world WILLeventually operate in the moral and divine fashion which our Father intended.
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